For several years, the city and county Neighbourhood Watch Teams had separate conferences. They joined together, for the first time, in 2011 and a formal constitution was voted in, on 22 November 2013, for the two groups to join and become Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. I have attended the conferences and reported on the events since 2012 and I was co-opted, as a member of the Board, during January 2014, then elected as a Trustee and to the role of Secretary to NottsWatch at the 2014 AGM. I was elected to the role of Chair at the AGM held on 13 May 2017.

- Sue Sambells

Conference 2021 - MSA & Coordinator Conference

Conference 2019 - Common Ground

Conference 2018 - Connect 2 Protect

Conference 2017 - The Changing Face of Crime

Conference 2015-16 - Developing Community Partnerships

Conference 2014-15 - Citizens in Policing

Conference 2013 - Partnership Working in Neighbourhood Watch

Conference 2012  - The Community Role in Neighbourhood Policing

Conference Presentations:

2021 MSA & Coordinator Conference

Action Fraud - Reporting a Suspicious Email

CEO NWN - Update on Central Support Teams Work & 5 Year Strategy

2017 The Changing Face of Crime

D.I. Les Charlton Nottinghamshire Police

Eva Hunt - Victoria Willis Nottinghamshire Victim Care

D.C.C. Rachel Barber Nottinghamshire Police

2016 Developing Community Partnerships

Lynn Farrar, NHWN Presentation

Maria Cooke Age UK Presentation

Conference/AGM PowerPoints:

2018 Connect 2 Protect (Including presentations)

2017 The Changing Face of Crime

2019 NWN (Neighbourhood Watch Network) AGM

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