Saturday 24th July
10 a.m. until midday

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1. Welcome

    Chair of NottsWatch, Paul Macey

2. Neighbourhood Watch Network:

    (Central Support Team)

    CEO, John Hayward-Cripps - Overview of NWN Support

    Head of Membership & Community Engagement -Cheryl Spruce

    Role of Coordinator

            Brief overview

            Tools available

            Support available

            Scheme Management Tools (V3 & V4)         

    Role of MSA

            Brief overview

            Tools available

            Support available

    Other volunteer opportunities

3. Opportunity to become a Coordinator or MSA

4. Cybercrime Unit:

    Kirsty Jackson, Cyber Protect & Prevent Officer

5. Nottinghamshire Police:

    Inspector Simon Riley, representing county neighbourhood policing teams
    Inspector Gordon Fenwick, representing city neighbourhood policing teams

6. Opportunity to join Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

7. Ask the Panel of Speakers

    A final opportunity to ask any questions you may still have.

In the past, NottsWatch have been able to thank our members by hosting an in-person conference and offering lunch as well as themed speakers. Details of earlier conferences can be found here.

Zoom Meeting Etiquette

1. Please be ready to click the link above at 9:55. (You are welcome to do this sooner and we will admit you closer to the start time.)
2. When you join, please feel free to use your camera (your bandwidth allowing) and speaker to say hello but, once we start, we will mute you to reduce background noise.
3. If you experience connectivity issues, it may be helpful to leave the meeting and re-enter.
4. Use “Speaker View” to focus on the speaker, or “Gallery View” to see everyone taking part.
5. We will schedule short Q&A sessions after each speaker has given their presentation. When invited, please raise your hand (digitally) if you would like to ask a question. Once you have asked your question, please remember to lower your hand. Alternatively, please add your question to the chat (but if someone has already asked a similar question, please like their question so we are able to prioritise the most popular questions).

Please note that, in our recent survey, 118 coordinators indicated they were unable to attend but are interested in receiving information about the topics discussed after the event so we will be recording and uploading the session to the NottsWatch website.

Registration Instructions

  1. Click on the link to register.
  2. Click on 24th July and 10am start then confirm.
  3. Add your details and schedule event.

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