Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch®) is a registered charity (no.1156310) and represents the interests of Neighbourhood Watch members, schemes and associations throughout the City of Nottingham and County of Nottinghamshire. Our objectives are to promote, develop and strengthen the Neighbourhood Watch movement throughout Nottinghamshire.

Working in partnership we aim to:

❖ Increase public participation in the prevention and detection of crime:

By creating, developing and supporting new and existing Neighbourhood Watch Schemes located across the Nottinghamshire Police Force area.

❖ Address loneliness, isolation and vulnerability:

By working with the Nottinghamshire County Council Communities Team, we are developing Good Neighbour schemes and promoting digital skills drop in surgeries.

❖ Provide effective communication to support communities, reduce crime and improve community cohesion: 

By working with both Nottingham universities, Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council plus Nottinghamshire Police, we are developing a bespoke digital service to support students in keeping safe and well.

By working with partners to enhance existing and/or create new digital platforms.

By developing our use of social media.

By improving our interrogation of data analysis.

❖ Support the police with their crime priorities: 

By involvement with Police & Crime Commissioner’s conferences.

By effective use of our media systems to educate the public.

By active participation with NPTs (Neighbourhood Policing Teams).

 Support our volunteers to be effective:

By working closely with Community Organisers, we can provide bespoke training to enable people to listen to residents, helping to  identify community needs and mobilising people to come together to tackle issues.

By holding quarterly meetings to review and discuss our KPIs plus progression with our projects. Additionally, meetings with key stakeholders to set policy.

By seeking, valuing and sharing best practice. 

Key Documents

Constitution of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch Revised 7.01.19


Partnership Contracts

2015 Review of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch

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