GDPR Documentation for NHW Associations

The process for members of the general public to sign up on an association web site or via the Ourwatch registration is fully GDPR compliant.

The following GDPR documents are used: -

  1. Privacy Statement – precised version of the full Privacy Policy appears on the first page of the registration process.
  2. Privacy Policy – full version linked from the Privacy Statement.
  3. Terms & Conditions – agreed at registration and emailed as a pdf with the welcome message.

NHW / MSA data processing agreements

The NHW MSA’s have access to Neighbourhood Alert administration via VISAV’s licencing agreement with National NHW.

All these documents are currently under review, the current ones are as follows: -

  1. Data processing agreement V5
  2. Neighbourhood Alert administration access agreement
  3. Rules and conventions for the use of the Neighbourhood Alert communication system

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