Membership Coordinator

John Duke

John Duke
Hucknall MSA

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John’s initial involvement with NHW was as deputy coordinator of the Vaughan Avenue, Hucknall, scheme in November 1994. He is now the coordinator of the watch, which has grown in extent over the years.

In 1996 the Hucknall Division NHW Association was formed and he joined the committee with responsibility for setting up and running the Ringmaster System. This he continued to do until it was replaced by the Alert System.

Over the years John served at various times as Secretary and Chairman of the Hucknall Division Management Committee, and after the Police reorganisation, on the Hucknall Association Committee. The Hucknall Association folded around 2011 but at a meeting of watch coordinators it was agreed that they should set up an Alert microsite and encourage all the watches and their members to sign up to Alert. It was also agreed that they would not restrict registrations to NHW members and they continue to do this.

John, along with the other members of the Alert team at Hucknall, did some initial training on setting up the Alert site and dealing with the registration process with Mike Douglas at VISAV. This was around late 2011. They then had MSA training at Leicester during 2012.

Finally, their Police Support Volunteer induction took place on 30 March 2012.

With this completed they are able to access the crime data and each week they compile a crime report that is sent out on a Thursday to all Alert users registered in Hucknall, Annesley, Jacksdale, Selston and Underwood area.

More recently John has devoted time to resolving communication issues for members registered on the Alert system in Ashfield and Mansfield.

Bob Vaughan Newton

Bob Vaughan-Newton
Gedling North MSA

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Bob has been involved with Neighbourhood Watch since the early 1990s and worked with Nottinghamshire Police's Community Affairs Dept. to help to set up the Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch Association and the Arnold Association of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in 1995. For two years in the late 1990s he was Nottinghamshire's representative to the National Neighbourhood Watch Association. Bob chaired the Nottinghamshire Association until 2002. At various times he has chaired and been Secretary to the Arnold Association (a post which he currently holds).

Bob also volunteers as a Coopted Independent Member of the Nottinghamshire Police & Crime Panel - the statutory body which supports and scrutinises the work of the Police & Crime Commissioner and is a Street Coordinator in the Redhill Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

MSA  Broxtowe, Bassetlaw, Mansfield, City


Sarah D

Sarah Dickinson
MSA East Leake

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Sarah is the chair of East Leake Neighbourhood Watch. She grew up and lived in the village as a teenager and returned to live there 2 years ago. She is also involved in the community road safety team and community group.


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