Two days after Christmas, 70 year old Ladybrook resident, Kate Allsop took a nasty tumble near the garage on Ladybrook Lane.  When a gentleman who was passing by saw what had happened, he went to assist and took Kate into the garage.  He then looked through Kate’s contact list in her mobile phone and being first in her address book, a young local man called Anthony Wharmby answered.

Anthony has a passion for improving the lives of Ladybrook residents and through help from the Nottinghamshire County Council Age Friendly Project, set up a Good Neighbours Scheme called ‘All Rise’.  Over the past six months, Anthony has organised a Community Litter Pick, done various odd jobs for some of the elderly residents and until the darker winter months, organised for a group of five or six elderly residents to have a weekly evening social get together at the Ladybrook Pub.

As soon as Anthony received the call about Kate, he immediately went to her aid.  When the ambulance arrived, Anthony went with Kate to the hospital, staying there with her the whole time and then made sure she got home safely. 

As well as a badly bruised face,  Kate had fractured her wrist which was put in plaster.   Over the next day or so, Anthony rang to check on her and even accompanied twice more for her subsequent trips to the hospital.  Kate was badly shaken by her fall but is now on the mend. When asked what she thought about Anthony, she said; ‘He was a godsend.  We could do with more people like him around our town and in fact the whole country’. 

If you would like to get involved in Anthony’s Good Neighbour Scheme or if you would like to join him when his Thursday evening socials start again in March, contact him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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