There was a great turnout of over 20 people including residents, PCSOs, Inspector Nick Butler and Neighbourhood wardens to celebrate 21 years of Ladybrook Neighbourhood Watch set up by Mary Penford MBE. Retired Inspector and previous chairman of NottsWatch recently wrote of Mary:

"At that time (when Mary set up the scheme) it was a high crime area and as an example of this even the Police Crime Prevention Officer who launched the scheme set up a camera enabling him to keep an eye on his car during the launch!

Since that time Mary has held monthly meetings, to this day well attended by her community and representatives of public bodies whilst also raising monies to fund a variety of projects.

Throughout these years Mary has found time to Chair the Mansfield and District Neighbourhood Watch, working out of Mansfield Police Station and in recent years working alone keeping members informed on events in the Division. She was also represented Mansfield, being an inaugural member of the Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch and helped to facilitate its amalgamation with Nottingham City. I would add that Mary has participated in other community groups and continues, at the age of 82 years, to actively participate."

Mary, who was awarded an MBE for her voluntary services to the community of Mansfield in 2008 explained, “I believe Neighbourhood Watch has made a massive difference to Ladybrook,

“When we formed it, we thought why should we move out of the area that was our home? Instead we decided to try to do something about the problems.

"We are not curtain twitchers, but people who are genuinely concerned about the local community and keeping it as good as possible.

“We work with all the local authorities in what is very much a partnership - it’s not police or council run - and we can help bring things to their attention that they otherwise might not know about."

+1 # Gillian Welch 2019-08-05 08:00
:D So proud that Mary was awarded with a special award at the event. Pleased that I have been part of the volunteering journey with Mary for the greater good in Mansfield. It is such an achievement for Ladybrook to have come this far as well. Well done to one and all.
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+1 # Mandy Revel 2019-08-10 09:27
I really enjoy these meetings, Mary is lovely and her commitment is second to none. The meeting is also an opportunity to meet like minded conscientious people with passion for their community. Mary keeps us informed and abreast of developments. A true gem.
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+1 # Elicia parkin 2019-09-22 07:25
Lovely to see this in my local neighbourhood. Makes me proud to live in Mansfield and see people and organisations supporting each other and the local community.
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