John Lockson nominated Chris Brummitt and told us, “Chris joined Bridges Community Trust in 2008 and has been directly responsible for major changes.  She was instrumental in us gaining our Matrix Award and keeping it year by year and has been a stalwart in ensuring local people have a voice. She organises and runs local election hustings, works closely with the police, councillors, library services, tenants and residents’ associations, community centres, youth service providers etc.”

John continued, “Chris joined us on a temporary basis is 2008 but never left. Since then she has taken on many roles ending up as our Operations and Finance Manager overseeing the whole of our work in our communities. She travels from Lincoln every day (a nightmare journey for those that know) but never lets us down and has been directly responsible for major changes to our trust. She chairs a large number of local committee meetings and forums and supports community organisations in the Meadows, Clifton and surrounding areas tirelessly with advice on finance, charitable status, policies and procedures (to name but a few).  Personally, I don't see how she manages to do all she does.

"Despite losing her beloved mother last year and, more recently, her pet dog, she's remained committed to helping others, it's in her blood and I think she deserves some recognition before she retires in March 2020."

We agreed so in addition to giving Sheila a certificate, we awarded Chris with a beautiful engraved award.

Chris trophy

Chris Brummitt
0 # Chris Brummitt 2019-07-28 14:08
Thank You. Honoured to be nominated and to receive the awards, feel very humbled. Thank you John Lockson for the nomination. (Just have to correct 1 piece of information, the initial MATRIX was overseen by Sharon Mills back in 2006).

I'm very privileged to serve the local communities in Meadows and Clifton and am very passionate about the work of the Trust.
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