Neighbourhood Watch have partnered with Friends Against Scams to help raise awareness of all types of scams. We are delighted to hear that one of our members, heeded our Neighbourhood Alert advice and recently avoided being scammed. He shared his story with his neighbours:

"I've newly received a text (SMS message) from a close friend, "Sharing a telephone number with me". My immediate reaction was that it was probably somebody wanting information on joining a club that I run, and of course, we are always keen to get new members.

But thanks to all the warnings that we get on Neighbourhood Watch I was suspicious; I had never had a 'Sharing a telephone number message' like that before.

I rang my friend on her telephone number in my address book and asked her about it. She replied that she knew nothing about it and said, "Oh no, I've been hacked again!"

I binned the message and thanked my lucky stars that I had not telephoned the "shared number" and had used my friend's address book number instead of the normal reply to message arrow.

Without the Neighbourhood Watch warnings, I would surely have 'lost a lot of lolly' to a premium rate number!”

We will continue to share advice through Neighbourhood Alert and social media. For our blog, we would love to hear from you if our advice or the free scams training that Friends Against Scams offer, has prevented you from being scammed.

Please add your stories in the comments below.

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