Shared Lives carers share their home and community life with individuals, ranging from a few hours a week, to long-term live-in arrangements.

Carers support older people, people with dementia, people with disabilities or mental health needs, as well as young people leaving foster care, people moving out of residential care and people with learning disabilities.

The Shared Lives scheme is different from the traditional personal assistant. Shared lives carers become part of the extended family of the person they are caring for by sharing their home and personal time. As a carer you might:

  • help someone to learn basic living skills such as cooking or managing money
  • offer them a home while providing support
  • take them out socialising with you as they get used to being involved in the community 
  • act as an extended family and be there to offer support for things they find difficult
  • deliver personal care.

Shared Lives carers and the people they support are matched carefully to make sure that they feel comfortable with each other before agreeing to spend time together. The Shared Lives carer acts as ‘extended family’ so that someone can live at the heart of their community with the benefit of a supportive family setting.

Shared Lives carers come from all walks of life and choose to care for lots of different reasons.

Potential carers go through a rigorous assessment process to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved. We carefully match the Shared Lives carer with the person requiring support to make sure that the arrangement works well for everyone.

Shared Lives carers need to be flexible, patient and practical with an approach that is centred on the person they are supporting. Commitment, motivation and enthusiasm are more important than formal caring qualifications as training is provided by the scheme.

Shared Lives carers are self-employed and work from home. They receive payments depending on the amount of help they provide and the level of need of the person they support.

Could you be a Shared Lives carer?

Nottuinghamshire County Council are recruiting Shared Lives carers across Nottinghamshire. Carers are paid depending on the needs of the person they look after and receive training.

To hear from our Shared Lives carers, click here and scroll down.

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