Following on from our earlier post I have spoken to CEO of Life Skills Education Charity, Peter Moyes. Peter was one of NottsWatch’s speakers at our 2018 Connect 2 Protect Conference. I asked him for an update on the new DARE 25 programme and he told me:

Today the Mayor of Mansfield, former teacher, Andy Abrahams, visited Heatherley Primary School in Mansfield. A Year 6 class were receiving the new DARE 25 programme. DARE officer Gurney and honorary DARE officer Abrahams set out the definition of peer pressure and led children through understanding the risks and consequences of drugs.

It was really great to see the Mayor of Mansfield getting stuck in delivering part of the lesson. He clearly enjoyed participating in our new programme and as a teacher he understands the importance of a quality programme.

100 schools have already signed up to receive the new programme, which is around half of the County Primary Schools. As Police have contributed £100k to help reduce the programme cost by 50%, we would ask all parents and teachers to be asking (if there school has not already signed up) why they are not having DARE25 in their school. 

The new programme deals with our core subjects of drugs and alcohol together with more familiar headline issues of the day such as the use of knives and hate crime. 

If you wish to know more, please visit our web page. The home of DARE

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