Pupils in Gedling are helping to take road safety outside schools up a gear with the launch of Nottinghamshire County Council’s third CCTV car. 

Priory Junior School will unveil the newest addition to the fleet which aims to prevent accidents and injury by targeting illegal and dangerous parking. 

The cars patrol outside schools to monitor vehicles parked on ‘School Keep Clear’ markings which are in place to ensure the safety of children getting to and from school. 

Other measures in place outside schools include 20mph zones and parents are being reminded to think twice about how and where they park to avoid facing a £70 Penalty Charge Notice.

Councillor John Cottee, Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Communities and Place Committee, said: “Road safety for pupils outside schools remains a high priority for us as local residents and schools continue to express concerns about dangerous parking.

“Pupils attending school should be able to feel safe in their surroundings, and it is the responsibility of parents and other motorists to not only consider the safety of their own children, but also that of other pupils and parents.

“We are delighted that a third CCTV car will now patrol outside Nottinghamshire schools as a deterrent for those who continue to avoid putting safety at the heart of their journey.” 

The car will add to the current fleet of two after Nottinghamshire County Councils approved the addition at the council’s Policy committee in April. 

Councillor Philip Owen, chairman of the Children and Young People’s committee, said: “Parking on keep clear markings outside schools is an ongoing issue across Nottinghamshire, and coupled with the rise in pupil numbers across the last five years, it is important that we continue to address this. 

“Areas around schools can become congested at busy drop off and pick up times, and where vehicles are parked illegally, they are failing to respect the clear measures we have in place to maximise the safety of their children. 

“Parents have a responsibility to set an example for their children, and we hope that the addition of a third CCTV car will further highlight the dangers that young people are facing outside their schools every day.”

Alison Brown, Head Teacher at Priory Junior School in Gedling, said: “My top priority is the safety of our children, and so we welcome the new car, as it could help to prevent accidents.

“We also hope the car will support residents around the school by encouraging considerate parking.”

Photograph credit to Nottinghamshire Live

+1 # Barry 2019-10-05 19:16
The cars should also check for illegal parking across drives. Causes me problems with carers attending in mornings 8.30 - 9.15.
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+1 # Sue Sambells, NW 2019-10-05 21:30
Traffic Management Act 2004 :
If your driveway is completely blocked by a vehicle, the offence of ‘obstruction’ could be considered. However, it's not enough that a vehicle blocks your driveway. The obstruction has to be ‘actual’ not ‘perceived’. This means that you are actually obstructed at that moment by that vehicle because your immediate passage is blocked.
Limited word count. Frustrating, I know. Contact for full explanation.
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+1 # Keith 2019-10-05 20:48
Its about time give us more, safely first at all times save lives
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# Ken Boswell 2019-10-23 17:36
Nice to know about vehicle number three, not seen numbers one and two yet.
The streets in the vicinity of Haddon school would appreciate a visit.
Thanks. Ken
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# Sue S 2019-11-13 17:32
Have you contacted your local school and Police beat Team to ask?
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