Mike Horseman, from The Park, has started a project in his local community to create more biodiversity by raising funds for bird boxes and bat boxes as well as creating a hedgehog super highway.

 Mike wrote to his neighbours to explain his project and ask for their support saying,

"I am pleased to advise you that the NPRA have kindly offered to provide £200 in funding towards a number of bird boxes and bat boxes in order to encourage and support The Park’s Biodiversity Project; especially aimed at those species which are clearly struggling to maintain their foothold in The Park Estate and are in general decline.

Will you help me please? I would like for us, as residents, to donate a minimum of £10 per household so we can raise some additional funds and begin work on the project by fixing a number of bird boxes and bat boxes to both trees and properties should we have volunteers in this regard.


In particular, we would like to see boxes erected to attract the following species:

  • House sparrows - communal box under eaves of buildings or several boxes in groups together.
  • Treecreepers, nuthatches, woodpeckers and starlings - boxes will also be used and fitted to a number of our trees.
  • Bats - box sites are especially sought for rooflines under eaves. If you are willing to have these fitted please let me know and we can discuss the logistics.

We will be looking to have the boxes fitted in the months ahead and they will be regularly monitored so we can report back on progress with the help of The Park contractors at Nurture.

I do hope you will be able to help me with this initiative to increase our biodiversity on the Estate and support the wildlife in our area. I would hugely appreciate your support during November in raising some extra funds."

Mike has received  help from the Nottingham Park Residents Association and also Nottingham Park Estates Limited. He has also had had assistance from Nottinghamshire wildlife trust.

# Sue Sambells, NW 2019-10-30 14:55
It's really good to see how well this post has been received. Particularly on Facebook. I contacted Mike to let him know and ask for a progress report. He said, "Our initial response to a letter drop has been really encouraging with over £150 raised so far and 3 more properties looking to connect gardens for the Hedgehog Highway.
"I will provide a more in-depth update soon especially when we have boxes going up and new pictures of highway signs!"
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