Since becoming Chair of NottsWatch in May 2018 I have explored different ways of working with students. Some have, individually, applied to join us for specific roles. We had discussions with both of our universities about student involvement with Tech & Tea. This year University of Nottingham have added NottsWatch to their Ongoing Projects page from Volunteering Opportunities. But the progress we have made with Nottingham Trent University is likely to be more beneficial as they have added our charity to their 2019-20 portfolio for Service Learning.

I initially met with their Service Learning Lead last August, had a further discussion with Elliot Doornbos, BA Criminology lecturer, earlier this month and then met with his second year Criminology students last Thursday to give a short overview of NottsWatch and answer their questions about their projects.

The first group (pictured above) will research how we can increase the number and diversity of organisations who are linked to NottsWatch and receive neighbourhood alerts.

NTU 2nd groupThe second group (pictured above) will carry out desk research to understand who is involved with Neighbourhood Watch (nationally and locally) and why and how NW can attract more diverse volunteers. they will also provide practical recommendations for achieving a more diverse volunteer base. 

NTU 3rd groupThe third group (pictured above) will scope out the feasibility for a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style event where organisations in Nottingham pitch for a small pot of funding to undertake a community safety/crime prevention initiative.

NTU 4th groupFinally the fourth group have been tasked with looking to develop NottsWatch’s YouTube account. (This group were missing some members when I met them.)

Research has shown for a project to be successful, there are three key elements:

  1. Values and Motivations
  2. Time  and Rythm
  3. Systems and Structures

My PowerPoint answered questions relating to these elements and gave some background and suggestions for the students to consider. I will return in a couple of weeks when the students will present their ideas to me. Following our AGM yesterday and meeting Councillor for St Anns ward, Chantal Lee, I plan to put them in touch so the students can find out more about issues in the inner city and how we can improve community safety.

I have asked the students to send me regular updates so that I can add to this blog. They may have questions for readers to answer to help them with their research. If you know people who are likely to be interested, please share this article and ask them to sign up to Notts Alert and tick to receive Neighbourhood Watch updates.

+1 # Stephen Smith 2019-12-06 20:44
Great work Sue
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# Sue S 2019-12-07 12:03
Quoting Stephen Smith:
Great work Sue

Thanks Stephen - the students presented last Thursday. It will be interesting to see how they progress with these projects.
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