John Lockson nominated Chris Brummitt and told us, “Chris joined Bridges Community Trust in 2008 and has been directly responsible for major changes.  She was instrumental in us gaining our Matrix Award and keeping it year by year and has been a stalwart in ensuring local people have a voice. She organises and runs local election hustings, works closely with the police, councillors, library services, tenants and residents’ associations, community centres, youth service providers etc.”

Brian Enever nominated Sheila Fletcher. He said, “Sheila Fletcher is a stalwart in the village of Brinsley. She was a carer in a nursing home until she retired. She cared for my mother-in-law who was 90 years old and bed ridden."

r presenting Kate with her certificate

Kate Loewenthal was nominated by Virginia Rochester, who said "Kate is passionate about Lenton. She has worked hard on behalf of local residents, particularly those who are elderly, ill or for whom English is not their first language to help them tackle issues in their area. She was the inspiration and the impetus in 2016 for setting up a local residents' association which has brought the community together and this year she has taken on the organisation of the Lenton Fun Day.”

Winners of the awards

NottsWatch wrote out to all registered users of Neighbourhood Alert, early June, to ask for nominations of people who deserve recognition for the tireless, inspiring and selfless work they do in the community and who have made a significant contribution to improve the lives of those around them. We were encouraged to receive many nominations and will publish their individual stories over the next week or so. 

There was a great turnout of over 20 people including residents, PCSOs, Inspector Nick Butler and Neighbourhood wardens to celebrate 21 years of Ladybrook Neighbourhood Watch set up by Mary Penford MBE. Retired Inspector and previous chairman of NottsWatch recently wrote of Mary:

"At that time (when Mary set up the scheme) it was a high crime area and as an example of this even the Police Crime Prevention Officer who launched the scheme set up a camera enabling him to keep an eye on his car during the launch!

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has now been combined with a Residents Association for all residents of Woodhouse Park development, consisting of around 300 households. We are doing loads of great work through a small committee of volunteers and lots of supportive friends and neighbours. We recently held our first social event with a Summer Picnic and BBQ with the help of some funding from Nottingham Together. The weather was so kind to us, lots of families and young children attended and we had a really enjoyable afternoon of fun and games. We can't wait to share all the exciting plans we have for the future of Woodhouse Park and building an even stronger community feel.

Please remember to join our scheme through

Stephen Houghton Chair, Woodhouse Park Association

The evening of 12 June 2019 saw volunteers; Special Constables, Cadets and Mini Police come together for an evening of celebration and thanks.

The event took place at the Albert Hall Nottingham, where Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cooper and the Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping thanked everyone for their commitment and service to Nottinghamshire Police and their communities.

I was delighted to be nominated, by Steve Smith from NCC's Communities Team, and to then receive the Nottinghamshire County Council Chairman's Community Heroes award, last week. 

Another positive meeting with the NottsWatch Trustees plus Comms and Community Teams. Minutes will be uploaded shortly to About Us > Minutes > Review Meetings.

We were delighted that Pete Holland, recently appointed Chair for Nottinghamshire Cromestoppers, has agreed to join us as a Trustee. If any readers are interested in joining our growing and ambitious team, see details from the home page.

That was the question asked of the 2nd Bramcote Beavers by NottsWatch Chair, Sue Sambells, at the presentation she had arranged with Simon Wilson, who does a great job providing fun, education and discipline to 25 Beavers in Bramcote each Tuesday evening.

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