NottsWatch are delighted to announce the positive strides being made in Newark.

The Newbury estate, which consists of around 300 houses, now has its own Neighbourhood Watch scheme with more areas expected to be added soon.

Two days after Christmas, 70 year old Ladybrook resident, Kate Allsop took a nasty tumble near the garage on Ladybrook Lane.  When a gentleman who was passing by saw what had happened, he went to assist and took Kate into the garage.  He then looked through Kate’s contact list in her mobile phone and being first in her address book, a young local man called Anthony Wharmby answered.

The NottsWatch Trustees met with CI Sukesh Verma, Lead and Helen Ridley, Partnerships Officer, for Nottinghamshire Police's Citizens in Policing Team on 1 October 2018 to discuss drafting a new Service Level Agreement (SLA) to replace our current SLA. Helen explained the police had already met with Nottinghamshire County Council and we all agreed the most effective way forward was to draft a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which would also replace our current MoU with Notts CC.

Latest Comments

  • SLA Meeting
    Mrs S A Sambells Mrs S A Sambells 1 week ago
    Mr Caunt - I have written to you on this subject - did you not receive? I think you have misunderstood ...
  • SLA Meeting
    Edward Caunt Edward Caunt 1 week ago
    Woodborough Post Office has again been broken into. I have requested a Neighbour Hood Watch officer for ...
  • Ladybrook NHW comes of age
    Mandy Revel Mandy Revel 1 week ago
    I really enjoy these meetings, Mary is lovely and her commitment is second to none. The meeting is ...
  • Ladybrook NHW comes of age
    Gillian Welch Gillian Welch 2 weeks ago
    :D So proud that Mary was awarded with a special award at the event. Pleased that I have been part ...
  • Active Citizen Awards - Melvyn Middleton
    Freda Colley Freda Colley 2 weeks ago
    Well donne!☺

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