Two Muslim-owned businesses in Nottingham signed the Armed Forces Covenant yesterday; pledging to support members of the Armed Forces community and their families.

The Co-op's ethos is entrenched in supporting communities. They regularly report on the  projects they have supported. I am sharing this week's report with our NottsWatch Blog readers as it is a great example of all the community working for the greater good:

Transforming this space has brought new life to our community. What used to be a space filled with anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping, is now a garden which children and residents enjoy spending time in. It’s thanks to the local community coming together than we’ve achieved this, but without the support of companies like Co-op it would have been so much harder.

Neighbourhood Watch have partnered with Friends Against Scams to help raise awareness of all types of scams. We are delighted to hear that one of our members, heeded our Neighbourhood Alert advice and recently avoided being scammed. He shared his story with his neighbours:

"I've newly received a text (SMS message) from a close friend, "Sharing a telephone number with me". My immediate reaction was that it was probably somebody wanting information on joining a club that I run, and of course, we are always keen to get new members.

This year’s conference was based around the common ground our services and third sector share to make Nottinghamshire a great place to live. It was a collaborative venture organised with the support of Notts County Council and Nottinghamshire Community Organisers.

Welcome to Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch's Summer Newsletter. In this edition we have updated advice and guidance for your safety when using the internet, as well as news and reports from events over the last few weeks - including Gedling's awards for outstanding citizens and NottsWatch's Common Ground Conference, which saw many organisations and groups come together to build on individual successes to bring about positive change, together.

William Bryan nominated Melvyn Middleton who has been a Parish Councillor for 36 years and Chairman for 32 years in Nether Langwith. William said, “Melvyn has progressed improvements in the Village over his tenure, which includes the Village Green, The War Memorial, The River Poulter in the form of strengthening its banks and cleaning out of weed, without disturbing the ecology.

Donna Macrae nominated her husband, Richard saying, “I would like to nominate Richard MacRae for this award as I know more than anyone how hard he works for his community.

 “Last summer he organised for sessions at the local youth club for youngsters to attend who were causing anti social behaviour in the area. At the end of the 8 weeks that they had worked together, the anti social behaviour in the area had dropped massively.

Louise Jones nominated Dan Howarth. Louise said, “Dan has a diagnosis of autism and learning disability. Last year we held a meeting of service users to plan a newsletter, Dan suggested we support a charity for the year and it was suggested by him the homeless, we adopted Emmanuel House. Since then Dan has started volunteering there each week where he helps sort the clothing and food.

Guillaume Arlon nominated Chelsea Martin and the Woodhouse Park Residents Association. He said, “They have built a strong network of residents. Chelsea and her team are tirelessly keeping the residents informed via Facebook, WhatsApp, email, meetings and Newsletters and with the police to help prevent crime in the area. It has been inspiring to see how she/the Resident Association has worked with local authorities and local businesses to inspire everyone to work together to prevent crime.”

John Lockson nominated Chris Brummitt and told us, “Chris joined Bridges Community Trust in 2008 and has been directly responsible for major changes.  She was instrumental in us gaining our Matrix Award and keeping it year by year and has been a stalwart in ensuring local people have a voice. She organises and runs local election hustings, works closely with the police, councillors, library services, tenants and residents’ associations, community centres, youth service providers etc.”

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