Meadows and Clifton

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The Meadows

The area is close to the River Trent and is connected to West Bridgford in the Borough of Rushcliffe by Trent Bridge and the Wilford Suspension Bridge. The Victoria embankment runs alongside the River Trent to the south of the Meadows and is home to the Nottingham war memorial and memorial gardens, bandstand and a paddling pool. The ‘Riverside festival’ which attracts people from all over Greater Nottingham is also located here and is held annually in July/August.

The Bridgeway shopping centre is a pedestrianised shopping precinct located in the centre of the Meadows. It houses mainly independent shops and businesses including a newsagents, hair salon, fruit and vegetable store, supermarket, chemist and a bookmakers. The Meadows health centre is also located here. The Bridgeway centre also contains many residential premises built above the shops themselves. Nottingham railway station is approximately five minutes in walking distance from the precinct.

The Meadows is home to Portland leisure centre which underwent extensive refurbishment in 2008. The Meadows library located on Wilford Grove reopened in June 2009 after being closed for several months after benefiting from a lottery grant which had enabled it to be fully refurbished. One of Nottingham City Transport’s two bus depots is located in the area on Bunbury Street. This was originally the horse drawn tram depot, and still retains the stables and hay lofts associated with this early use. Both of these buildings contribute strongly to the character of the area.


Clifton is a council estate in the city of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England founded by Sir Robert Clifton. The estate has a number of shop-clusters and relatively good transport links (by bus) with the city (c20 minutes) and surrounding areas. The village is on the A453 which is the main connection between Nottingham and the M1 south. The section of the A453 from Kegworth to the roundabout next to the Crusader pub is due to be upgraded to dual carriageway by 2016.

The Clifton area also encompasses Clifton Grove and Clifton Village, a picturesque residential area set alongside the River Trent. The village is notable for many old buildings including Clifton Hall, and St. Mary's Church.

In the housing estate there is a Morrisons Supermarket on Green Lane (previously a Co-op), an Iceland Supermarket and a Farmfoods Supermarket (on Southchurch Drive, near Clifton Leisure Centre). Some of the pubs in Clifton are the Grey Mare'( which is now closed and up for sale) ', Fairham and The Winning Post on Farnborough Road the Man of Trent on Clifton Lane (demolished in March 2012), and The Peacock.

There is currently a planning application being considered by Nottingham City Council for McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-through restaurants on the land where the Man of Trent pub previously stood.
The former Sun Valley Amusements (also known as JB's) on Green Lane is now closed. There is a leisure pool with keep fit facilities on Southchurch drive and a sports centre on Farnborough road with cricket pitches, football fields and other sports available.

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