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Bassetlaw Policing Inspector

Bassetlaw Inspector

My name is Inspector Neil Bellamy and I am the neighbourhood policing
inspector responsible for local policing in the Bassetlaw area.

I joined Nottinghamshire Police in 1986 in Mansfield.

After three years there, I joined the Traffic Department where I served a further five years. I was seconded to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and spent six years in the Caribbean working with the Marine Unit, the Drugs Task Force and the embedded Intelligence Unit. During this time, I took advantage of a small career break and started a family.

In 2004 I was promoted to Sergeant and moved to Retford. I have worked in neighbourhood policing for six years in both Retford and Worksop. I have also worked on response and before becoming the Inspector for East Bassetlaw, was one of the Demand Management Inspectors for Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood.

After such a varied career I was happy to return to Bassetlaw a couple of years ago as the Neighbourhood Inspector at Retford. 

Now, having moved to the same role but at Worksop, I continue to be encouraged by how committed the team is. Our officers, staff and volunteers hold a wealth of experience and local knowledge. They know who the persistent offenders are and where to target their efforts to keep you safe and make the area a better place to live and work in.

Follow Insp Bellamy and the Worksop neighbourhood team on Twitter @WorksopCops

In February 2016 I became Inspector for Bassetlaw.

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