Ethics and Standards – all Neighbourhood Watch coordinators should adhere to these ethics and standards, and policies adopted by the Neighbourhood Watch Network, to ensure public confidence in Neighbourhood Watch.

Honesty and integrity
You are truthful and trustworthy. You always do the right thing. You will be honest and act with integrity at all times.

Fairness, respect and courtesy
You act with self-control and tolerance, treating everybody with respect and courtesy. You respect the rights of all individuals.

Leadership, objectivity and openness
You lead by good example. You make choices based on facts and your best judgement. You are open and transparent in your actions and decisions.

You act in the public interest.

Responsibilities and accountability
You will be diligent in the exercise of your responsibilities. You are answerable for your decisions, actions and omissions.

You will treat information with respect, and in accordance with the law.

Equality and diversity
You act with fairness and impartiality. You will not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly.

You will behave in a manner which does not bring discredit upon Neighbourhood Watch or Neighbourhood Watch partners or undermine public confidence.

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