Are you interested in making your community safer and more united?

Please refer to our national team’s guidance below and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for support

What are the benefits?

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) schemes are an excellent way of preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, reducing the fear of crime, and building stronger and safer communities. Read more…

A Scheme must be registered on the Neighbourhood Watch Register to qualify as a scheme and receive various benefits.

Public Liability Insurance for registered schemes

What does being a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator involve?

The success of Neighbourhood Watch is largely down to volunteers who give up their time to engage with their neighbourhoods and communities and local services, such as the police, to combat crime, reduce isolation and boost community activity. Read more….

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  • The steps to follow when you set up a scheme
  • Ideas of how to involve your community
  • Data Protection Legislation
  • Welcome pack (limited time)
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  • Setting Aims
  • Identify Concerns
  • What can you do? 
  • How can you make it happen? 
  • Evaluate
  • Regular Reviews
  • Resources
  • Funding
  • Communication
  • Meetings
  • Signage

Relaunching or Reviving a Scheme
Some Neighbourhood Watch schemes do become inactive. If a Neighbourhood Watch group is ready to close or has had no activity for many months, how the scheme is delivered needs to be reconsidered and may benefit from working with other community groups in the area. Read more….

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  • Being alert to and reporting suspicious activity
  • Keeping an eye out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours
  • Attend NHW meetings and engage with communications from the coordinator
  • How do residents become members of their local scheme?

Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration
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a collection of the most innovative work being undertaken by Watch volunteers across England and Wales. The categories of areas of work that our volunteers are working on include Developing your WatchBuilding CommunitiesConnecting PeopleInvolving Young People and Collaboration.

You may also submit details of your successful projects.

Crime Prevention Toolkits
Click the link above to access the Toolkits page. From there, you can click on each relevant image for the specific toolkits.

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More information from our national team’s knowledge base

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