Career kudos

If you’ve started looking for work, promotion or want to get back into work after a break, volunteering is a great way to improve your confidence, show commitment, and get something worthwhile on your CV. In today’s competitive job market, work experience (albeit paid or unpaid) allows you the opportunity to develop competencies to demonstrate to a potential employer your transferable skills, reliability and initiative.

Make the most of your retirement

If you’ve recently retired, volunteering is a great way to continue to do worthwhile work and keep your confidence levels high at a time when it can be difficult to transition out of employment. You’ve probably got a wealth of skills and experiences that could otherwise be wasted.

It's flexible

Volunteering can fit around your busy life. No set 9-5 hours or a commitment to a minimum number of hours per week. But it is an opportunity to put your free time to constructive, rewarding use.

It’s rewarding and purposeful

A couple of hours of volunteering make you feel great. It has purpose and you will be (mostly!) appreciated by those you help.
It’s also a fact that people who share their time with others through volunteering live longer!


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