Make a difference in your community

Help reduce crime and the fear of crime where you live: that is one of the strongest and simplest reason to volunteer with NottsWatch. By giving your time to do something practical for your community, you help your family and neighbours to live in a more caring and safe neighbourhood, with a good community spirit.


Be part of an important, and changing organisation

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has been around in the UK since 1982 and most people will know the yellow roundel sticker that has identified us for many decades. But 2018-19 is an exciting time to join our established team as we are working closely with Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN) to transform our working practices; keeping what is good about NHW and changing what isn’t. To review our current objectives, click here.

Just as crime has changed, so must we change to continue to assist in keeping communities safe. Our Home Office Minister values the role NHW has had in reducing crime such as burglaries and has in raising awareness of cybercrime, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, human trafficking and extremism.


Work with an established team for a respected, registered charity

Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch®) is a registered charity (No. 1156310) funded by grants from Nottinghamshire County Council and the Nottinghamshire Police & Crime Commissioner. As volunteers, we are supported by the Citizens in Policing Department Partnership Officer from Nottinghamshire Police. Additionally, we are working in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, (Communities Team including Notts Age Friendly Team) andNottingham City Council, (Nottingham Together Team).


Learn new skills

We need help with specialist roles – like social media, marketing, fundraising or organising events. Once you’re on board there’s almost limitless scope to use your existing skills and develop new ones to help us improve our work within communities.Training can be provided. By working with Community Organisers we can provide training to enable people to listen to residents, helping to identify community needs and mobilising people to come together to tackle issues.


Out of pocket expenses may be claimed

NottsWatch pays our trustees and non-executivemembers 45p per mile towards expenditure in travelling to and from board meetings or any other meetings on behalf of NottsWatch. Whilst you are not paid for your time, you are not expected  to be out of pocket financially. Review meetings are currently held during the afternoon of the first Friday in July, October, January and April at Dunkirk Community Centre, Nottingham. NG2 2JW. Additional Executive meetings (trustees plus relevant guests) will be held 2-4 times, per year.


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